Bombay Textile Strike-1982

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About this collection

Death of an industrial city: Testimonies of life around Bombay textile strike 1982-84 is a collection of oral and documented history that goes beyond recording events of the strike. The Bombay textile strike of 1982-84 proved to be a watershed in the history of Indian labour. The study is an important contribution in efforts to explain historical processes that led to transformation of Bombay from a working class industrial city to the national hub of financial services. It was and it is of paramount importance to record perception of people about the Bombay textile strike before the voice of the whole generation fades out in the tract of time. The collection comprises of recorded 16 audio interviews of about 30 hrs duration, interview transcripts in English and a collection of newspaper clippings stored in image form. The project adopted a methodology that was suitable for exploring social psychology. Most of the interviews are free flowing giving a meaningful insight into the minds of workers and those who lived through the historic strike.

The complete collection comprises 8 subcollections. Those currently available are:

Commissions on Labour (1931-2000)
All India Trade Union Congress(1928-96)
Bombay Textile Strike-1982
Unorganised Workers of Delhi & The Seven Day Strike - 1988
Collection of Documentry Sources of Labour History of Tamil Nadu
Oral History of Labour Movement in India
Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh
Textile Labour in Ahmedabad
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