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   All India trade union congress (1928-96)


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The All India Trade Union Congress is the oldest trade union of India, established in 1920, History of AITUC is coterminous with the history of organised labour movement in India. Since its birth, AITUC has had a major role to play in mass movement phase in India's freedom struggle. The records of the AITUC were acquired from the extant collection of AITUC Central Office, New Delhi and Ajoy Bhavan, New Delhi. They consist of about 1700 files on various subjects pertaining to a) internal organisational matters  b) International links of AITUC. c) Correspondence with State units. d) Major industries such as Coal, Iron and Steel , Ports etc. e) Major events and strikes . These files are mainly from the period of immediate post independence i. e 1947 , though there are some older files also available. An interesting set of files are about the activities of the Party and Trade Union relation in 1947-1949 when the Communist Party of India was underground. The pamphlet collection in possession of the Archives of Indian Labour was also acquired from the above sources. These collections represent only a part of the voluminous publications, which were brought out by the AITUC. The Archives has total of 160 pamphlets of AITUC for the period 1928-1996.


The AITUC pamphlets collection comprises of for major groupings a) Organisation reports such as Reports on the annual sessions and conferences of AITUC, Reports on General Council and Working Committee Meetings of AITUC. b) Reports on major Govt. labour legislation and tripartite meetings. c) Pamphlets of major strikes, industries and current issues of importance to the labour movement. d) Reports on international issues and events.

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